Life’s A Whirlwind

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? Its no wonder with all that has happened in the last few years! The pandemic, horrific fires, tornados, hurricanes and on and on! Its enough to make even the strong willed feel somewhat vulnerable and fearful!
Well, your not alone… the entire world is being affected. Some have been spared the loss and some have endured the unimaginable!

How to deal with it you ask? Its not an easy task and different for everyone but I tend to find myself praying or meditating more often than not. I try to stay home as much as possible until the pandemic lets up a little and when I do have to go out in public I always wear my mask! Getting outside more often is really important even if its just in your backyard! I’ve started a succulent hobby and despite me NOT having a green thumb, my plants are doing really well and gives me a sense of accomplishment.
I start my mornings with a little You Tube exercise to help jump start my day! I would love to know how you distract yourself from your every day external environmental circumstances!


Stay safe, happy and healthy!

  • Life’s A Whirlwind